Castor oil for hair treatment

In Russia the castor oil and the burdock oil are the best oils, that are hair growth stimulants . Also, they are a part of hair treatment for a hair loss, a dandruff and other similar troubles. Actually, the oil masks are the one of the best stuffs for the hair, thanks to its high nutritional value and a content of essential fatty acids for the hair. Castor oil for hair growth is using since the age of the Ancient Egypt, it's in Europe and Russia since the 16th century.

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Castor oil for hair and scalp. Applying

Castor oil is the one of the most inexpensive and easiest ways to improve the condition of the hair. That's why almost all russian girls love it. The easiest way to use it to warm castor oil and apply on the scalp, then distribute it through the hair to the tips. Castor oil increases metabolism in the surface of the scalp, and in the warm form ( if you wrap your hear with plastic wrap and a towel) all nutrients will penetrate into the hair roots and scalp much faster. If you want to donate to your hair more useful staffs you can add to the oil the lemon juice, an apple cider vinegar (it's just a warehouse of vitamins!), mix it with the burdock oil for hair, flax or other oils, to add a nutritious egg yolk or a little bit of fat yogurt. I love natural cosmetics and already know what the product is useful for skin, hair and general health. And every girl has some knowledge on this subject, so don't be afraid to mix all the stuff you have in your fridge=) You will not make worse, but you can discover new features and a combination ;)

Hair treatment mask

Apart of the Russia the castor oil is not so popular. Most popular are an almond oil and an avocado oil for hair growth, to buy it a lot easier in Europe and in the USA. But if you have opportunity buy castor oil and try it! I'm using as the almond as well the avocado oil for hair and skin, and also for the eyelashes. I often add them to facial masks. Despite the fact that I have mixed skin, the avocado and almond oils have the similar composition to natural skin's fat, and they don't leave the skin look fat, and, of course, they bring the skin a lot of vitamins and minerals. I mix them together in equal proportions, to warm and apply on the hair. Sometimes I add a lemon juice and a honey (I like to lighten my hair with the honey and the lemon). All of this is a great "nutrition" for hair suffering from the summer sun, the winter frost, the ecology, the dyeing and hot hairstyles. Don't forget to pamper your hair ;)

Take care of your beauty! I love and kiss you! Meaow=*