DIY for your skin. Face hydrating spray

Hi, kittens! Yesterday a cyclone with tropical downpour came to us from the ocean. And I was walking under the rain. And my face was rejoicing, caught in the warm stream of natural pure water (there is no factories on the ocean, fortunately). So I decided to make a homemade face hydrating spray to please my skin. Yes, I know, the shops are full of sprays with thermal water, but I want to try to do it myself, and even better. So, today I have prepared for you a very simple recipe for how to make a spray for face.

Ola, gatinhas! Hoje, vou compartilhar convosco com a receita do spray hidratante para a pele do rosto.

Vocês podem fazer este spray em casa com os simples ingredientes.

spray hidratante para a pele do rosto.

Recipe of face hydrating spray:

A receita do spray hidratante:

2 bags of a green tea (2 sacos de chá verde)

2 bags of a chamomile tea (2 sacos de chá de camomila)

1 tbsp of a lemon juice (1 colher de sopa de suco de limão)

2 cups of a natural water (can be mineral) (2 xícaras de água natural (pode ser mineral)

Preparation: Place all tea bags in cold water with ice. Wait 2 hours. Add in this water with tea the lemon juice. Pour the tea into a bottle with spray. And voila! We have the homemade spray for the face. Green tea protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation, and it's also a powerful antioxidant, as well as lemon juice. The infusion of chamomile soothes a irritated skin. This spray is rich in vitamins, contained in its ingredients, so everything is just a skin's benefit. Note: If you don't have the small bottles with a spray, I saw on Ebay sets of tiny sweet flacons in the form of bears, only about 99 cents per set of three bottles of 100 ml =) Is very comfortable if you want to take with you in the travel your favorite perfume, spray, or something else.

Preparação: Colocar todos os saquinhos de chá em água fria com o gelo. Aguarde 2 horas. Adicionar nesta água o suco de limão. Despeje o chá na garrafa com spray. Se vocês vão tentar fazer a minha receita de spray hidratante, por favor, escreva-me sobre o efeito =) Eu vou aguardar pelos vossos comentários =)

Do you like use termal water or else sprays for face? If you will try to make my recipe of face hydrating spray, please, write me about effect=) I will wait for your comments=)

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Take care of your beauty! Love&kisses!=* Amo e beijo! =* Meow :3