How to make a facial mask at home. Tips and Recipes

Long time I wrote nothing about natural cosmetics, to fill this gap I will share with you tips on how to make a facial mask at home. Very often successful preparation and use of masks (such as facial as well as hair, incidentally) depends on whether you have prepared it correct, how you applied and how much you kept it. I also share recipes for mask, that improves skin elasticity and refreshing face mask, respectively.

I decided to unite my knowledge of how to make masks, and how to use them and to share my knowledge with you, my dears ♥

How to make a facial mask at home. Tips and Recipes

How to make a facial mask at home. Tips

  • For the preparation of masks based on fruit and vegetables, always use fresh and ripe samples. Otherwise such products will not bring any advantage, but even can cause problems with skin.
  • If you like to make masks at home is often best to have the "stock" of basic ingredients that are always at hand. I have a reserve of clay, almond and avocado oil, and prepared aloe vera gel (much more convenient than to strip aloe each time). Ingredients such as olive oil, honey, oatmeal, salt, and sugar - it is always what any housewife has.
  • Prepare no more than you can use. I, alas, often have this sin. And then I don't know where to spread it more.... So often my "face mask" becomes a mask for the neck, breast and etc xD Those volumes which I quote in my recipes may vary slightly from the amount that you need. Try to approach this far-sightedly, and use the number of ingredients, which is proportional to what you need. I hope you understand my weird English =)
  • For convenience, first mix dry components, then add the mixed liquid ingredients. Here is all, as in cooking - we must avoid lumps =)
  • Homemade masks can not, alas, be stored. If the individual products can be stored for a while, then after mixing the ingredients some chemical reactions begin that accelerate the corruption (such a word!) of the components.

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  • Apply the mask to clean skin. Remove the remains of "daily" dirt from the face with soap or face wash. So useful components of the mask will penetrate the skin easier.
  • My little secret: before applying the mask apply a spray for the face on the clean skin, and not letting it dry, apply the mask immediately. This is especially effective with oil-based masks. Useful spray's moisture will not evaporate and will be gradually absorbed into the skin under the mask.
  • For best effect, while using the mask (this is an average of 20-30 minutes, as opposed to the professional masks, homemade masks need time that useful elements penetrated into the skin), drop all cases, lie down on the couch and relax. And it is very important to choose the position of the legs were slightly above than your body (put them on a roll), and the head, on the contrary, needs to be down a little bit. So you will provide a rush of blood to the skin of the face and thus strengthening beneficial effects of mask.
  • If the mask is based on oil, wash it away with warm water. Even if the oil slick will be on the face - do not wash it away with soap and water! The oil will be absorbed, give it time! Other mask can be washed off with cool water. It is best way, you will give to your skin such an additional bonus in the form of some tone.
  • After applying the mask always use lotion and moisturizer. After the oil masks the skin needs time to adsorb oil, after you can remove the remains with lotion. After any other type of masks - just wipe the skin with lotion and apply a moisturizer.

Recipe. Mask, that improve skin elasticity

Recipe. Mask, that improve skin elasticity

1 tsp olive oil

2 tsp almond oil

1 tsp cocoa powder

1 tsp lemon juice

Preparation and application

Mix the oils and the juice and pour into a container with cocoa. Mix thoroughly. Apply to clean face, rinse it after 20 minutes of use. Oils give your skin strength and elasticity, cocoa tones and lemon juice gives the skin vitamin C, which, as we know, is an antioxidant and protects the skin from aging.

Recipe. Refreshing face mask

Recipe. Refreshing face mask

1 tsp grated cucumber

1 tsp brewed green tea (liquid)

1 tsp Aloe vera gel (or crushed aloe)

0.5 tsp any clay (for more convenient use of mask)

Preparation and application

Mix the cucumber, aloe and green tea, pour into a bowl with powdered clay. Mix them. Clay should help to achieve the desired consistency, so that the mask will be not dripping from the face. If you need more clay - just add! Apply the mixture on clean skin and leave it on for 10-15 minutes, not allowing the mask to dry on your face. Rinse it with cool water, use a lotion and moisturizer.

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How often do you make homemade facial masks? Do you have a favorite one?

I wish you a wonderful day, my dears! I love you so much! ♥ Meow!