How to: make toilet water

When I first time bought a stuff for soap-making, I bought a lot of fragrance-oils. It's because I just didn't know what an aroma I want to use. So I bought a lot... And after I understood that I can use these fragrance-oils for mixing my own aromas.

how to make toilet water

So, what I need for making my own aroma (toilet water)? I need the alcohol and the fragrance-oils. The alcohol helps me mix oils well and also it helps in using. It evaporates and leave aroma on my skin.

My own aroma (toilet water)

I can't say definetly how much fragrance-oil you need to use. I filled my lil 100 ml bottle with the alcohol and added to this bottle fragrance oils of basilic, ginger, ananas (maybe 10 drops of each) and "drift-wood" and "jack-frost" (mixed aromas of company that produce these fragrance'oils) - but I took just the one drop of each of these last ones. Bcuz their smell can kill :D It's not the aroma, it's more like stuff that can accent the main aromas and make them more deep. Oh, I forgot to say, that I did this mix for my husband, bcuz this mix is very-very manly.

Fragrance-oils and alcohol

So,my advice. If you have all the stuff, don't try to mix all your fragrance-oils in the same time. Put a couple drops of one aroma, mix with alchohol and smell it. Do you like? Try to add another aroma, but be careful. It can turn into the bad aroma very fast! If you like it now, it's better don't continue!=) For the first time it's enough to mix with the alcohol just one or two fragrance-oil.

Take care of you, and ask me, all that you want to know! ^^ I love you all! Big kisses!=* Meaow=*