My fave beautiful nail art designs

Author: Eva Tornado

Hi, kittens! Do today I want to talk a lil bit about beautiful nail art designs and to share with you the nail art styles that I like most of all. First one that I like is the nail art with sparkles (glitter). It looks very bright and good for club parties and for normal days if you want to make them more interesting=)

Ola, gatinhas! Hoje, vou compartilhar convosco os meus nail arts mais favoritos.

Mermaid nail art with sparkles

Another one nail art I like is a stamping nail art. There are a lot of ways to decorate nails with stamps and using a beautiful nail polish with beads (“bullions”) or the beads separately.

Stamping nail art

I am in love with simple girlish nail arts with primitive decorations and in pastel shades.

Girlish nail art in pastel shades

I also like the fimo nail art, but just in details. I don’t like when girls use a lot of fimo for nails, the mani looks awkward like a hell=)))

Fimo nail art

My the most fave nail art is a gradient… Looks so simple but you need to have enough experience to make a perfect mix=) Very beautiful!

Gradient nails

What a kind of beautiful nail art designs do you like most of all?

O qual nail art vocês gostam mais?

I used in my post pics of different bloggers, you can visit their blogs (you can see the links and the blogs’ names over the pics).

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Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses!=* Amo e beijo!=* Meow :3

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I look forward to your comments, beauties!

comments: 10

  1. Pixel

    I love love love gradients and glitter tips. That first photo is stunning.

  2. Liss cope

    Wow the first ones are just stunning! Love them <3

  3. Frida

    I love the first design, can’t do it myself though… :)


  4. Kari

    Hey girl, love your blog. I have nominated you of the Liebster Award, Congrats!!!

    • Eva Tornado

      Oh, yeah, really?=))) Thank you a lot, darling! I would like to check it out =***

  5. Illy

    I love all of them :D Gradient with glitter is maybe the best :)



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