Review. Catrice Allround Concealer

Hello, my darling! Today I make a review of my recent purchase - concealer Catrice Allround. I am a long time tried to choose a suitable the "price / quality" of a product, and I choosed this palette consisting of three concealers (shades of ivory, beige and coffee with milk) and two correctors - pink and green.

Review. Catrice Allround Concealer

Review. Catrice Allround Concealer

A little about the correctors. Usually correctors are made in shades, that are opposite to the spectrum's color of the imperfections that you seek to disguise. Colors, superimposing on each other, are neutralized. Therefore, they use green to correct redness, yellow for correction the violet, purple corrector for a yellow shade. Here, in a palette Catrice Allround, to conceal under-eye circles (which are usually blue-violet), a pink color is proposed that a little unclear to me. After all, circles are usually masked with concealer in warm beige tones (they have this "yellow" shade, which hides the blue shade around of the eyes). I have no under eye circles (I strongly care about this!) So I can't check how the pink color works.

Separately, speaking of pigmentation of correctors - they give enough "strong" tone that sits well on the skin, they are not smearing and flowing down. They hide redness very well. Since the pigment is quite deep, it's enough to apply one coat and fix it with a powder. If you apply it thickly, or around the redness, the green will be visible, and you have a chance to look like a frog =)

Correctors and concealers Catrice Allround

As well as correctors, concealers in skin tones are thick enough, fit the skin perfectly, and is not flowing down. They are quite easily mixed with each other, so they can also be used for sculptural face correction - if you want to correct, for example, the shape of the nose. Thick texture of the product penetrates in all even small folds of skin, so the color is obtained smooth, and your own skin tone will be almost invisible. Thats why is important to choose concealers coinciding with the skin tone. I have fair skin, but I used, oddly enough, the medium shade. I use lightest shade to lighten the back of the nose and under the eyes (that it, not a pink corrector!).

I also do a little trick with light and dark concealers - I have thin lips, and I apply a light concealer over the lip, and the dark concealer under the lip (don't overdo it!). It creates the effect of volume of lips.

Swatch of concealers Catrice Allround

Price of the product is about 4 euro, so this product is maximally equal to the price, because the quality of it is excellent. But I haven't decided how I will use the pink corrector =)

And do you use concealer Catrice Allround? What are your impressions of this product?

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