The best facial products for oily skin. Os melhores produtos para pele oleosa

Author: Eva Tornado

Hey, kittens! Today I decided to share with you a list of the best facial products for oily skin. I have an oily skin, and the problem of the care of it is pretty relevant. For a long time I have tried various remedies, as the brand’s as well the home-made, and I made a list of that is guaranteed to help the skin maintain a well-groomed look, and reduces the amount of excreted oil.

Ola, gatinhas! Hoje, vou compartilhar convosco a minha lista dos melhores produtos para pele oleosa.

Os melhores produtos para pele oleosa.

So, the best facial products for oily skin:

1. Clay masks. Excellent antiseptic, absorb excess oil and minimize pores.

2. Sugar scrubs. Sugar has a very delicate structure, its crystals don’t have sharp edges, so they don’t injure the skin and don’t dry it, as salt (dry skin provokes increased production of a grease.) This is a very good remedy for those who have problem skin.

3. Tonics based on green tea. Green tea contains vitamins and tannins, which normalize production of a sebum, minimize pores and are matting face.

4. Ice made from a mineral water. Ice helps to minimize the pores, and minerals contained in the water, act as regulators of a production of a sebum and as adsorbents.

5. Moisturizers based on aloe vera. Are very light in texture, instantly absorbed, don’t clog pores, moisturize the skin well, normalizing metabolism, and leave no greasy slick on the face.

So, tell me what is the best facial products for oily skin in your opinion?=)

O que são os melhores produtos para pele oleosa na vosso opinião?

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Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses!=* Amo e beijo!=* Meow :3

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  1. Julieta

    Dear Eva,

    Great advice!!! Love the post!!! I will share it with my fans!!!



    • Eva Tornado

      Oh, Thank you a lot, dear Julieta! ^^ I am happy for this! =)

  2. Chrissy

    Never heard of using ice for oily skin. This is a new one.. but I can see why it might work! :)

    • Eva Tornado

      The cold ice minimize pores ;) It’s just the physics =)) Kisses=*

  3. Sara

    Hey Eva.
    I have had acne since I was 17 and I simply couldn’t get rid of it.
    My life savior was SBT products (Skin Biology Therapy). They’re amazing, my skin looks awesome nowadays compared to what it was.
    They’re a bit pricy (they belong to La Prairie Group) but still affordable and soooo worth it!


    • Eva Tornado

      Thank you for the advice! Because the mass products as Clearasil, Garenier Clear Skin, Clean & Clear absolutely don’t help me! When I have hormonal surge, is nothing to help! And I think I will need the help of professional cosmetic as well as some natural remedies help me =) I will take a not this one brand you suggested!=) Thank you a lot, dear Sara!=**



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