Trend of the summer season: short dresses 2012

Summer is a time when every girl makes her "winter's" dream come true - she wears a short dress. But sometimes it's hard to choose what to wear with short dress and don't look light-mindedly. So, today I write about the most favorite summer clothes of beauties it is of course a short dress. 2012 year have own trends ;)

Hoje vou escrever sobre os vestidos curtos o que são um trend de 2012.  Eu criei os tres looks para a inspiração.

os vestidos curtos 2012

I created three looks that reflect the fashion trends of the summer 2012. So, first is the romantic short black dress with a lush skirt. You can wear it with your favorite ballerina flats for your dating, or for a party, of course, with high-heeled shoes. It all depends of your taste and mood ;)

os vestidos curtos 2012. Vestido exuberante, preto, com um arco

One of my most beloved trends 2012 is a shade of mint. Next, I created the look in that color. With a stable platform's shoes your feet will feel less discomfort than with the heels. This look is good for a hot day, because it is look like very refreshing ;)

os vestidos curtos 2012. Vestido mint exuberante

Oh, and in the end it's a classic of the genre. Red and Black. It's the best choice for all: as for blondes,for brunettes as well as for brown-haired, and. Depending of the shoes and accessories, your look can range from modest, that you can use for the school, till the look of a fatal passionate beauty of the pin-up cards.

os vestidos curtos 2012. Vestido vermelho curto

Take care of your beauty! Love&kiss! =* Meaow :3