Vogue FNO. Fashion's night out. Lisbon 2012

Hi, kittens! So, it's a good news for me and I hope for you too - today I've got the press-realize from Vogue Portugal with invitation to visit one of the most important event in the world's fashion-industry - Fashion's night out. Lisbon is the one of the cities which one is take a part in this worldwide fashion marathon. Really, I was surprised to know how many brands take a part in this event, so I am not sure if I will visit all, but I will create the list the most interesting parties that I just gotta visit, and I will create the report for you all ;)

Eu tenho uma boa notícia. Eu recebi o convite da Vogue Portugal para visitar fashion's night out, Lisboa 2012! ^^

Vogue FNO. Fashion's night out. Lisboa 2012

Actually, a few words about this event. This event is like a big market - all the stores, who take a part, will be opened till the night, and all fashionistas will be able to buy a lot of brand's clothes, shoes, bags etc with a good discount. Also there will be a lot of parties there.

Also I would really like to know, who's gonna visit this one event in own country? Let me know!

Além disso, eu realmente gostaria de saber, quem é que vai visitar este evento? Eu quero saber!

Official site of Vogue Fashion's night out. Lisbon 2012:http://ko-te.com/go.php?url=http://www.fashionsnightout.pt

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