In the "DIY" rubric, I publish not only my own lame attempts to create something unique. There are so many genius people, who create masterpieces with their own hands. The brightest and most interesting solutions will be published here
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How to make natural soap at home. Recipe

Hello, my lovely kittens! I suddenly detected that my reserve of a soap is coming to the end, which means that it's time to make a new batch;) And, of course, I'll write about it i...

How to sew beach bag? Make designer beach bag by yourself!

Hello, pretty kittens! ^ ^ Continuing a beach theme, I think, it's time to talk about one of the most important accessories of beachgoers - a beach bag. Bags for the beach, in my o...

Do you want to be cute? I will tell you how to make hair bands... ;)

Hi, my favorite kittens! Today I want to write about how to make hair bands. Of course, the hair is the best accessory of woman (if to take care of them), but sometimes you want to...

How to: make a clutch bag

I love clutches! It's really sorry that we can't place everything we want there, but these bags are the amazing things that are indispensable for party- or glam-looks. I decided to...

How to: make beaded bracelet

I decided to remember my childhood, when in Russia, where I lived, it was popular to create beadwork fandangles among the girls. I had creating not just the fandangles, but also fl...

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