20+ Best Natural Makeup Looks

Recent months I used to "wear" natural makeup looks, but using bright lipstick to make my image rock.

The best part of such looks is their abilities to transform. I can use a nude lipstick in daytime and add some color for the night.

20+ Best Natural Makeup Looks

I share with you my tiny collection of the best natural makeup looks, which I loved the most. I hope it will give you some ideas to improve your own everyday look.

What do I love the most?

Even complexion: I have acne prone skin and a lot of scars, so only primers ("blurers") and concealers help me to accomplish the task

Perfect brows: I spend a half of time only for perfecting my brows lines.

Strobing: TBH, I am a noob in strobing. But I try my best to reach the perfectly glowing skin. That looks so fresh and young!

And here is my everyday look (with those mentioned vibrant lips)

I also used #cabelopantene2016 and #cabelopantene tags hoping to participate in Pantene Portugal contest =)