20+ Cutest Hair Pins I Found on Pinterest

Have you ever fallen in love with things? I can admit, I have.

I am definitely in love with small details that can upgrade the whole look making it perfect. My the most fave details for hair are bobby pins.

Especially, decorative ones. I fall for them like a little girl! Let me share this beauty with you! ♥

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20+ Cutest Hair Pins I Found on Pinterest

I have a huge collection of hairstyle ideas pics on Pinterest. I made a massive board, full of photos of the best of the best hair ideas. Some of those hair updos are made using these little helpers.

I realised they deserve that I sing an ode for them! So, here I am. Enjoying one more time that beauty.

Bobby pins are first of all very useful, they make the whole hair construction maintaining its shape. But above all, they can be so cute, having little deco-details to create a perfect finish for the updo.

Do you like using bobby-pins in your daily hair routine?