This rubric is devoted, of course, to a healthy lifestyle. Whatever you think, it's not just "don't drink alcohol - jog in the mornings - eat carrots for dinner» posts :D I and my fellow professionals share here our personal experiences and tips how to make your life better, not only physically, but also psychologically.
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How to Get Whiter Eyes Whites: Things that Help Me

Sometimes we all face the moment when we glare at the mirror and wish our eyes whites looked less tired and more white. There are plenty of reasons why our whites become reddish, y...

6 Sun Protection Tips for Healthy Skin

Depending on which part of the world we live, many of us would have waited months for that warm and lovely sunshine. Once the summer hits, we tend to be outside till it lasts....

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 foods that burn fat

Kittens, I was not writing under the heading "Health" for a long time! I'm not a doctor, and "health" in my mind starts with a healthy lifestyle, so that's what I can say a lot abo...

What to do if you have a headache?

Hello, kittens! Today I was all the day offline because my best friend - a migraine - visited me. Those who are familiar with this illness, know how is difficult to fight it, and h...

Stay slim? It's easier than you think=)

There is just the one way to keep the shape of your body slim - to choose the natural nutrition. If the bigger part of your food would be natural and the way of your nutrition woul...

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