How to Get Whiter Eyes Whites: Things that Help Me

Sometimes we all face the moment when we glare at the mirror and wish our eyes whites looked less tired and more white. There are plenty of reasons why our whites become reddish, yellowish or get any other unwanted color.

Of course, the fastest way to get rid of redness is to use eyedrops. They narrow blood vessels, calm and sooth any unpleasant sensations. Some of them are blue in color (opposite to yellow/red tint in the eyes), making them look brighter and more white. Some of them, however, can't be used on a regular basis, because your eyes will no doubt seem whiter sometimes after using the eyedrops, but red tint will eventually return.

How to Get Whiter Eyes Whites: Things that Help Me

How to Get Whiter Eyes Whites: Things that Help Me


Also, one of the main reasons for changing eye color is dehydration. Don't forget to consume enough water to fix and also prevent further problems.

Makeup tricks also can be of help: some shining white eyeshadow just in the eye corners can get rid of unwanted tint, as well as it helps to make the whole look fresher. Blue mascara or eyeliner can also help contradicting with problem color of red and yellow.

If you care to fix your whites issue forever, you better think of long aimed solutions. Make sure to consume enough vitamins (antioxidants like A and C), avoid overconsuming sugars and fats: overfilling your liver with fats and sugars makes it working worse, and it immediately reflects on how your eyes and skin look) more yellow.

If you like coffee (as I do), it's better to reduce it's amount, because caffeine dehydrates the body. You can, however, do like me: just drink more water to replace everything you lose.

One of the most obvious solutions is to use eyewear. Protecting your eyes from the sun radiation is one of the most important things, whether you want to make your eyes whiter or not.

Don't forget about external impact: chemicals, smoke, some allergens can seriously affect your eyes whites making them changing their natural color to more reddish. Try to avoid anything that can irritate your eyes, including makeup and cosmetics: use hypoallergenic products and apply them avoiding unnecessary contact with eyes.