Avocado oil. The best home remedy for oily face

Hello, beautiful kittens! I would like to dedicate this post to those who like me is a happy owner of oily skin. Yes, this skin requires special care, but oily skin has a definite plus - it stays young longer , thanks to its natural super-protection! However, the skin, prone to be oily needs more care, more careful purification, to maintain a natural balance. One of the best home remedy for oily face is avocado oil. Yes, oddly enough, that oil will help your skin retain its natural oil balance.

Ola, gatinhas! Hoje, vou escrever sobre o remedio melhor para a pele oleosa. Este remedio vai ajudar-vos fazer a vossa pele mais matte.

Avocado oil. The best home remedy for oily face

The skin, which produces large amounts of skin oil, get used to the fact that it is always covered with a protective slick of fat. So if you use more or less strong cleanser - scrub, toner, liquid make-up remover, skin immediately begins to panic, replenishing a skin oil, and within half an hour after cleansing skin is oily again, and even more oily than before.

No matter how paradoxical it may seem, but to make your skin to produce less skin oil, you need to use cosmetic products based on oil. Skin will feel safe and with time will reduce a sebum production. Of all the oils, a great home remedy for oily face was and is an avocado oil - it's composition closest to the natural skin oil. It absorbs quickly, creating a perfect natural defense against external aggression of the environment, also it gives the skin a great number vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant that helps produce collagen, keeping skin young and elastic longer) and omega-3 fatty acids as well as other useful components.

If you can't find the remedies based on avocado oil, you can make yourself a scrub for oily face, mixing the sugar and avocado oil in equal proportions. Makeup can be washed off with a cotton pad soaked in oil. And after you took a shower or had cleaned a face, apply a small amount of avocado oil on the skin. It's absorbed rapidly, making your skin soft, velvety and with the time more matte.

And what a products do you use for oily face?

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Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses!=* Amo e beijo!=* Meow :3