Bang-bang-bang!!! Trend of 2012

Forelocks. Bangs. Quiffs. This element of the hairstyle has always been to the liking of the girls. Hair-bangs are reshaping the face, and makes a person younger visual. However, at times, when you have long hair it's very difficult to decide to cut the forelock.

assymmetric bangs

If you don't mind, I will please you - in this 2012 year hair-bangs are in fashion! Various lengths and shapes and even colors!

graphic bangs

But those who doesn't want to have a constant bang, and who likes to change the images you can use the overhead bang! =)


The main thing - to choose the right shade, so it's gotta be different from the color of your hair no more than 1-2 colors. And really how many hair styles can be created with a bang - just a feast for the eyes!

bang for short hairstyle

Don't be afraid to experiment and stay beautiful!

classic bang

Keep your beauty! Kisses! Meaow=*