Beauty secrets by Eva Tornado

Heeey! I am glad that you read it! A few time ago I started to write posts in my blog in English. So I think the one of the most important thing that I need share with you is my own lifestyle. If you want to know, how to look more younger, and keep you body slim then you must continue to read! I decided to compile a list of "secrets" that really helps me keep myself in good shape and look good.

Eva Tornado

* I am a creepy sweet tooth but I took it as a rule to eat sweets in the morning only, when the body uses light carbohydrates as an energy source the most intensive.

* I don't like to do exercises because I have a fear to become a "piece of meat." My way to burn calories is long active walks (more than an hour, because the fat's burning mechanism activates after 45 minutes of the activity). After this walking the effect of the "fast metabolism" is still working a few more hours.

* I use homemade scrubs to clean the skin (sugar, olive and almond oils, chamomile flowers), and generally I prefer natural cosmetics ( I order ingredients in the UK - cheap and fast). Actually, you can read a lot recipes and tips how to do the natural cosmetic, and what secrets we have in Russia for our beauty in my blog. Follow me ;)

* When I delete the mascara, I use the cotton pad soaked in oil (I use almond or avocado oil) and ink dissolves and goes away instantly, plus it's the good nutrition for my lashes.

* Active lifestyle helps me to fight with the cellulite, also body wraps, masks with the red hot pepper (I will tell about it in the next time) help me and a shower (it also helps tighten the skin, that is not so flexible after losing some weight when my size is becoming smaller ), and food: much of the ration are vegetables.

* I try don't use pills. If I feel unwell, I'm trying to understand the cause and eliminate it naturally. If I have a headache I try to drink chamomile tea or take a nap, or eliminate the source of pain: for example, to turn off the computer.

* As far as possible, I try to dispense with the negative people in my life: people who dislikes me, annoys me or a bored relationship. And I try to do all things that I should do for the day with pleasure knowing that the accomplished work is another step toward self-development and success.

Don't be afraid to change and live positively then your beauty will flourish for years!

Take care of your beauty! A lot of kisses for you all! Meaow=*

{P.S} I'm really sorry for my imperfect English, I still keep learning =)