Blue Lip Makeup. 16+ Best Looks Ever

Have you ever done a blue lip makeup? I did. Not even once. I am a huge fan of makeup art, so I love while being inspired to create some kind of a super vibrant look.

Do you know how I did this one? Nope, that was no lipstick! I used a mix of shimmering blue eye pencil for blue smokey eye makeup + indigo metallic eyeshadow + transparent MAC lipgloss with holographic shimmer. Looks cool, does it?

Blue Lip Makeup. 16+ Best Looks Ever

Why blue one? I am tired, really, sick and tired of red lips that we can see literally everywhere. I love the red color, but I am too tired to see it on every other mouth. This is too mainstream now, even the classic red color is turned to be too bored. For me.

Which shade do you like more? Light blue? Indigo? Purple blue? Turquoise? Sometimes I think that I would be glad to wear this color every goddamn day, but modern society will never understand me :D These looks are awesome, aren't they? I hope after my post you will try this experiment, too!

Here, some of blue lipsticks that can help you to get the look. But you also can do as I did - use your blue eyeshadow + any of your fave transparent lip glosses or a lip balm ♥