Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Eyeshadows, #460 John Lemon and #480 Kiwi Wonder

I have already tried a number of products of Catrice and many of them have become my "must have" (in terms of price and quality) at the moment. I have long wanted to try some of Catrice eyeshadows, but always passed up to buy some. However apparently, these babes so wished to see me, that eventually appeared inside of my purse. Today I will share with you my review of Catrice Absolute Eye Colour eyeshadows. The protagonists of the post are yellow # 460 John Lemon and green # 480 Kiwi Wonder. I will try to explain my emotions with my "still lame" English :D

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Eyeshadows, #460 John Lemon and #480 Kiwi Wonder

I have long stared at mono eyeshadows, but I always thought it a waste of money, and I preferred palletes with a significant set of shades. I've got this couple of eyeshadows Catrice accidentally as a bonus when purchasing. I've never wrote a review of palletes (it seems to me too bulky thing), but I can't miss to make a review of these two babes.

The eyeshadows are inside of transparent plastic boxes, they can be opened with some effort, but still pretty fast. These eyeshadows are compact; product has a silky powder consistency, and can be easily gained with a brush. Applying you can blend it easily. The eyeshadows don't collect in crease, even on my oily skin (I don't have the same luck with other eyeshadows) is undoubtedly a bonus. Well, as well as a nice price =)

    #460 John Lemon. Light yellow pastel shade with fine pearl shimmer. Creates a translucent veil finish. In the pack looks more vividly than on the skin. If you apply the product with a wet brush, the shade becomes brighter, but not much. Ideal for creating a fresh spring looks.

    #480 Kiwi Wonder. Grass-green hue with fine silvery-pearl shimmer with a bit of "metallic". Has more bright pigment than it's yellow buddy. Has dense finish, using a wet brush you can get a sufficiently vivid hue of spring grass.

      Summing up, I would say that these Catrice eyeshadows are comfortable enough for constant use, and quite worthy of a place in the collection of any makeup lover. Personally for me, the combination of spring colors + great finish + price - is a great deal ♥

      Do you like Catrice eyeshadows?