Changes in my life and announcement of reviews

Kittens, last weeks I and my husband are preparing to move to other apartment, and if you see I almost have no time to dedicate it to my blog. Meanwhile I have to post a few reviews on beauty-products that I'd received in last month and I'd already tested.

Changes in my life and announcement of reviews

I decided to make a little announcement of reviews, that I promised to post, but I still have no time to post it, because my camera and lamps are in boxes but I want to make a good pics of these products to share with you. Well, two reviews are coming.

Natural cosmetics of

First one is the review of Natural cosmetics of, I had already wrote about their samples (Natural cosmetics: Package from

Summary: I liked these products, and they even helped me in my fight with acne. This type of cosmetic is more good for treatment, not for dayly use, more for nightly treatment. Products have some cons, but they are not really important comparing with their pros=)

Makeup products of

First time in my life I'd tried the natural makeup products. I have a lot to say about this type of makeup, about the policy of keeping the Nature (cosmetics without synthetics, without animal tests, vegan cosmetics etc) of It's awesome, kittens! And these products are worthy to tell about them more, so I will do it in one of my next posts.

Summary: I'd received few types of natural eyeshadows, lipgloss, lipstick and cream foundation. Surprisingly this type of makeup products in no way inferior to usual makeup-products, and, because of their nature, natural makeup products are much more better then others. They have cons, I will tell about them more in my review, but they are minor.

Well, I hope to solve all my move's problems fast and back again to keep posting every day!

I wish you a wonderful day! I love you! ♥ Meow!