Coconut Body Lotion Love & Beauty by Forever 21

It's time to handle with drafts and share with you reviews of some of my favorite beauty products. Today it is Coconut Body Lotion Love & Beauty by Forever 21. A marvelous moisturizer with fantastic aroma of coconut.

Coconut Body Lotion Love & Beauty by Forever 21

I fell in love with this lotion "with the first breath," because I love all kinds of sweet flavors (I do have a sweet tooth). Thanks to Diana again and again for this wonderful gift. I have a few butters and body lotions, but Coconut Body Lotion by Forever 21 has become perhaps my the most beloved.

A creamy product white color with bright pronounced aroma of coconut. When using it is instantly absorbed, leaving the skin smooth and delicate. Coconut aroma is quite longlasting and lasts a few hours (you should be more careful with the use of perfume, you may create a hellish mix). Promised by a manufacturer ultra-hydration is achieved by silicones, which lotion contains. Actually, there is no natural ingredient in lotion =) Although, the product is "cruelty free", that gives a bonus to the producer.

I find it difficult to disassemble the product at atoms, and examine it under a microscope to give you a full verdict, but the feelings, and the state of my skin after use give the product the highest score and I will continue to use it. I have not seen Forever 21 stores here in Porto, but if there will be an occasion, I will be pleased to replenish my "stocks" with this lotion.


Have you ever used F21 beauty-products?