Coconut hair treatment. Simple coconut hair mask

Hi, my lovely kittens! Today my post is about a very, very fragrant and useful remedy for a beauty, which reminds us about the "heavenly pleasure." =) Coconut oil is the one of the most effective natural remedies, which is great for creating a nourishing masks, making skin more elastic, and hair more healthy and shiny. If, during the application of coconut masks make a little head massage - this mask will also help in controlling a dandruff and its prevention. Coconut hair treatment: coconut hair mask smoothes hair and provides a protective shield around the hair, helping to keep a moisture inside. This remedy has excellent conditioning properties and helps restore dry, damaged hair, and great fights with split ends.

Coconut hair treatment. Simple coconut hair mask

Coconut hair treatment. Simple coconut hair mask

2-3 tbsp of coconut oil (preferably cold-pressed, it is more useful, though more expensive)

1 banana

1 tbsp of yogurt

Application: Mash a banana in a blender and mix it with yogurt and a coconut oil. Oil may be a little pre-melted in a water bath. Apply on the dry hair from roots to tips. The mask is dense enough and will not flow down, but it is better to wear a hat or wrap the with a plastic wrap and a towel. The mask can be kept overnight. Rinse the mask normally with shampoo, and don't worry, that you will wash away all the good effect, some part of the oil will be absorbed into the hair and the effect will not disappear.

Have you ever used a coconut oil for your hair or the skin? =)

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