Coffee scrub for cellulite

Hi there, my lovely kittens! Today I decided to share with you a recipe that I tried just yesterday. This is the coffee scrub for cellulite. Actually, the Internet is full of recipes, but as you understand I have my own special ;)

This recipe is simple, but what does make it special? Because I add there a fragrance oils, to get not only the benefit from the use of a scrub, but the pleasure too ^^

So, my recipe:

1 tbsp of a ground coffee

3 tbsp of a brown sugar

1 tsp of cinnamon

2 tbsp of a sweet almond oil

10 drops of a fragrance oil of a coconut

10 drops of a fragrance oil "vanilla-cream"

Mix all, put it in a jar (I used the paste's jar :D), close and keep in the fridge, use as needed. The question immediately arises, where to get the fragrance oils? Here I will tell more in detail. When I understood that I want to have my own handmade soap I bought, above all, a lot of stuff for making the natural cosmetics. Because the soaping doesn't need a lot various ingridients (oils, dyes, fragrances, etc.), I decided to use them for cosmetic purposes. And I thought, if I am preparing a scrub and I have an army of bottles with different fragrances, why don't use them for scrub?

If you like "tasty" cosmetics, and generally prefer natural cosmetics, I advise you to visit the nearest (or using the Google search it in the internet) shop for soap-making. There you will find a lot of useful, inexpensive and very fragrant ingredients for your home recipes. Even if you don't plan to make the soap, in the stores you can buy natural ingredients for the scrubs (herbs, flowers, different abrasive mixture), fragrance and essential oils, as well as various kinds of cosmetic oils that are already commonly used in recipes of homemade beauty products. I also recommend if it's possible to buy aloe-vera gel (Russian girls, for example, use the mashed leaves of aloe instead of the prepared aloe-vera gel :D poor plants!).

Each of these ingredients costs from 1 till 5 euros, and even if you'll waste for it 20 euros - it will be enough for a long time! In my case for 9 months only the soap base is ending. And each time, preparing a recipe, I feel like a real cosmetologist, preparing my own precious natural and fragrant beauty product =)

Take care of your beauty, kitties! Love&kiss! Meaow=*