Divine fragrant cocoa face mask

Hi, my ladies! Being desperate fan of chocolate, I find it hard to deny yourself in cosmetics based on cocoa, bcuz it is the only way to brighten up my everyday diet, in which as usual is no place for sweets. So I recently fell in love with chocolate remedies. The cocoa face mask, a recipe of which I am sharing today, not only will bring a divine pleasure, but also will help to improve skin tone, tighten it, saturate with beneficial vitamins and minerals. Enjoy it! ;)

Divine fragrant cocoa face mask

The cocoa face mask

2 tbsp of cocoa

1 tsp of almond oil

0.5 tbsp of cream

Application: Mix the cocoa, oil and cream and apply on face. Keep it on for 15-20 minutes. While using the mask, try to relax. Here a factor of an aromatherapy will play a role - enjoying the aroma of cocoa, you can improve your mood and get a charge of a vivacity.

Girls, I am russian, and the English is not my native language, so if you will found mistakes - feel free to show me them to correct! =)

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Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses!=* Amo e beijo!=* Meow :3