Do you think about keratin hair repair? Try firstly good hair masks

Hi, my lovely kittens! In this post I want to share with girls who think about keratin hair repair the recipes of good hair masks. Such masks nourish the hair roots and help smooth the surface of hair, filling cracks and irregularities. Masks are easy to make and can be easily used at home.

Ola, gatinhas! Hoje, vou compartilhar convosco as tres receitas boas para o tratamento o cabelo estragado.

Do you think about keratin hair repair? Try firstly good hair masks

Yes, it would seem, you can not do without a professional intervention when it comes to restoring the structure of hair, but not always the one salon treatment is enough to restore hair. They later will require care again and again - it's endless stuff. A brand's of hair care don't always add to their products as much nutrients as you can found in natural ingredients, which are always at hand. I'm not asking you to give up a hair care stuff, but I urge you occasionally indulge your hair with natural ingredients - believe me, with any mask your hair will only get better =)

Do you think about keratin hair repair? Try firstly good hair masks below

Beer hair mask

0.5 cup of beer

4-3 tbsp of clay (white or green)

Application: Mix the ingredients, apply on your hair, wash after an hour. Minerals contained in the clay strengthen hair from the inside, filling the damaged areas, beer gives a shine and nourishes the hair roots with vitamins. This mask smoothes the hair surface, giving them shine.

Gelatin hair mask

1. tbsp of a gelatin

0.5 cup of a milk

Application: Dissolve gelatin in warm milk, leave for 20 minutes, then apply the mixture on your hair throughout. Gelatin is composed of protein, a keratin is a protein too (from which hair consists) - so it effectively replenishes lost moleculs of keratin, coating the hair, restoring the structure and smooth hair. I tried to make this mask and I was just in love with the effect!

Egg-oil hair mask

1 egg yolk

2 tbspof a castor oil

1 tbspof a honey

Application: Mix all ingridients, apply on your hair, rinse with a cool (this is important) water half an hour later. Protein and amino acids that are in eggs , will help align the structure of hair, castor oil will strengthen the roots and will give the shine the hair and honey will give your hair the necessary amounts of vitamins.

Do you like to combine salon hair treatment with home hair treatment?

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Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses!=* Amo e beijo!=* Meow :3