Faberlic Paradise Island: Hand Cream and Shower Gel

Well, I start doing reviews of Faberlic products, which I received to test. It was so nice to get a big parcel from a press-service of the brand ♥ Today I will post a review of products of one series: Faberlic Paradise Island hand cream and shower gel. I am writting about them first, because I have no will to keep silence! =))

Faberlic Paradise Island: Hand Cream and Shower Gel

I love the brand Faberlic because it was a first cosmetics brand had been used by me as a teenager. Also, Faberlic is a Russian beauty brand, and I am proud to write about russian manufacturers for my foreign readers. Well, let's start the review.

Series Paradise Island: shower and body care products with the aroma of Thai flower and honey mango. I do not like mango as a fruit, but I fell in love with fragrance of the shower gel and the cream! Together with coconut lotion Forever 21, they make my life brighter, much more "fragrant and delicious"!

Faberlic Paradise Island: Hand Cream and Shower Gel

Thai Flowers are the symbol of Thailand.They are extremely beautiful, and their scent is empowered at dawn.Take the chance to journey through the land of thousand smiles where you can peacefully rest and enjoy the natures beauty.

Shower Gel Faberlic Paradise Island

Shower gel has slightly jelly consistency that allows me to not overdo with a "doze". Fragrant foam is dense enough, well washes away all the waste products of the skin :D On the advice of the manufacturer, gel can be used as bubble bath, but we only have a shower so, alas, I could not try this way. An appointment of the product, except directly washing away dirt is aromatherapy. To take a shower is only a pleasure!

Hand Cream Faberlic Paradise Island

As in the case of the shower gel, the cream also bears a greater function to "cheer up". It manages with moisturizing and softening hand skin, which were declared by the manufacturer, however, having a sufficiently delicate texture, it fits rather to owners of oily skin. If you have dry hand skin, or requiring a special care - this cream is unlikely to help you cope with the problem of dryness.

Faberlic Paradise Island: Hand Cream and Shower Gel

Cons of the products

I have not found cons in the products themselves, me personally and my skin at all are happy with them. However, the packaging is poor. Shower gel could be better with the pump, for more convenient use in the shower. As for the cream - a few weeks of use, a paint of the tube have begun to fall away. The very nice picture of "traditional painting" just remains on the fingers after using the cream. Not fatal, but unpleasant, because the fingers have to be washed after, and this removes the already used cream.