Faberlic Radiant Day Cream

I am in love with my new Faberlic Radiant Day Cream ♥ It contains perl powder and I used to apply this as a makeup base. The skin tone evens and face looks freash! This is one more favourite product of a russian brand Fabrelic, wich turns a real helper for me as for a owner of acne prone skin. If you ever will see this product - feel free to spend your 6-7 euros to try this cream.

The cream has the consistency of sour cream - is sufficiently dense, thick, and white color enhances the association with dairy products. When applying the cream is evenly distributed, and I feel that my skin is covered with a sleek. However, after a couple of minutes when the cream is absorbed, this feeling disappears. My face has a bunch of imperfections and post-acne, so "consequences" of applying the cream are quite noticeable on my face- the skin tone becomes more even visually.

What is your fave day cream?