Fight cellulite fast. Wrap with the apple cider vinegar

I'm in love with apple cider vinegar. In Russia my mother treated my sore throat, making tasty and healthy drink. With age, I learned that the apple cider vinegar is also an assistant for a weight loss. It also contains vitamins A, B1, 2,6, C, E, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and other minerals. Taking it "inside" you don't only lose weight but also you maintain health.

I thought, if the vinegar is so good inside, why not use it outside? And I decided to make an anticellulite vinegar wrap. I studied the effects of the apple cider vinegar, read a lot of recipes and tips.

Because of the external effects a subcutaneous fat and a connective tissue start to "panic." The molecules of vinegar, penetrating through the pores and provoke the increase of a blood circulation and a metabolism (and the local temperature's increase), and dissolve the membranes of the fat cells. As we know, cellulite is a stagnant phenomenon, when the fat and the excess fluid accumulate under the skin because of the poor metabolism in the connective tissue and because of the low production of collagen (which is responsible for the skin's elasticity). Vinegar speeds up the metabolic processes under the skin, and everything that has accumulated under the skin goes out through the pores.

In this case, as the practice shows it's better to be wrapped not with the plastic wrap, but with the fabric because it absorbs the liquid more effective than the plastic wrap does. Vinegar compresses are generally considered curative. They treat many diseases because of the fact that vinegar dissolves and removes toxins, salt and other stuff through the skin.

The recipe of the wrap with the apple cider vinegar:

100 ml. of the 9% apple cider vinegar;

100 ml. of the water;

1.5 tsp of the sea ​​salt. If you want more, mix the ingredients proportionally.

Damp a sheet of a fabric/towel in the solution, and wrap the hips. Cover it with the plastic wrap to protect your furniture =) Go under the blanket for 4 hours or more. Ideally, it would go to sleep. Then take a shower. In addition to getting rid of cellulite, apple cider vinegar will give your skin a big dose of vitamins , which stimulate the collagen's production, making your skin elastic.

Bonus secret: mix 1 tsp of the apple cider vinegar and 1 tsp of the crushed marigold's flowers, and wipe the face. Quickly and successfully you will get rid of acne, and heal all your face's problems ;)

Use the gifts of the nature and take care of your beauty! Big kisses! Meaow!=*