Hair Care by SYOSS - review and my impressions

Hi, my lovely kittens! Today's blog post, I dedicate my hair care set from SYOSS - review and my impressions about the products of this series. In Russia this brand is popular as well as in Europe and they have positioned themselves as a brand whose products are developed in a collaboration with professionals: hair stylists, hairdressers etc. Actually, that's why this brand has a proud name SYOSS Professional Performance.=)

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Hair Care by SYOSS - review and my impressions

I will explain a little bit why I use such a set for my hair - I'm "hooked" on it in Russia, and when I've moved to Portugal, I've decided not to part with old friends who serve me well. I am very conservative in terms of change of the hair care, sometimes I want to experiment, and I try something new, but basic care in last years is SYOSS, good hair care, my hair feel very, very comfortable with such a support. So now, more detailed about products.

1. Shampoo Shine Boost Pro-Cellium Keratin. I chose a series of "Shine Boost", because for the blond hair is always very difficult to see the shine of them, so you have to go to the tricks. =) Shampoo has a normal consistence interspersed with light-reflecting particles, which, in fact, give a shine. Products in this series contain a hydrolyzed keratin, Prunus Armaniaca (the apricot) Kernel oil, hydrogenated castor oil and panthenol (vitamin b-group), which are very well affect on the condition of hair. Alas, it contains SLS. The flavor of flowers and fruit (apricot).

2. Conditioner Shine Boost Pro-Cellium Keratin. It also contains a hydrolyzed keratin, Prunus Armaniaca (the apricot) Kernel oil, hydrogenated castor oil and panthenol. The consistency: the usual conditioner in the white color. Very good smoothes the hair's structure. The smell is a little different from the smell of the shampoo, but I like it more because it is more expressed and the hair after has a beautiful flavor for a long time, I do not know why, but people go crazy of the smell of my hair (the ones who have the opportunity to feel it, of course =)))

3. Shine Boost Intensive Mask. Mask of an instant action - for 1 minute. Creamy white mass with the flavor of fruits and flowers (as well as the conditioner has a bright flavor). Provides the protection and shine.

syoss маска для волос

4. Instant Spray Conditioner Shine Boost without a water removing. I use this conditioner after I dry the hair with a towel, spraying evenly over the surface of the hair. Then during the styling the conditioner is distributed along the length of the hair. Its mission to smooth out all the hair and also protect them from adverse factors. Contains castor oil and panthenol.

5. Heat Protect Styling Spray for heat styling. Provides a protection for the hair while using a hair dryer, curling iron or other styling tools (up to 200 º C). Helps create a hairstyle - smoothes and straightens the curly hair. This tool is very popular here, in Portugal women take care of two things - how to get rid of the hair on the body and how to straighten the curly hair =))))) The spray copes with a problem, the hair hold styling - though I don't wear hairstyles for a long time, in the second half of the day I twist my hair in a bun. This is my own idee fixe - I want a maximum protection of the hair, so I prefer pony-tails, buns and braids, that the hair was a less time under the influence of the environment.

Actually, that's such a small SYOSS products review, I have the most positive opinion - I like this series very much =) Yes, yes, I always use different natural masks for the hair, and because of them my hair grow fast enough, and they look good, but SYOSS's hair care products cope with task very well =)

Have you ever used the production of SYOSS? Did you like? =)

Girls, I am russian, and English is not my native language, so if you find mistakes then feel free to show me them to correct! =)

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Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses!=* Amo e beijo!=* Meow :3