Hair mask Mane Choice and Shampoo Mane 'n Tail. Review

Well, I'm starting a "chain" of reviews on the products that I tested the last two weeks when I was not online. Today's protagonist is hair care remedy with "horse name." I will avoid the dispute over the proper use of "horse" remedies - I care about the result, and actually these products have been created for the people, even based on "agricultural" products. So, today I write review on Green Tea & Carrot Deep Conditioning Mask of Mane Choice, that was provided me by the press-service of the brand.

Green Tea & Carrot Deep Conditioning Mask Mane Choice

This therapeutic mask for improving the appearance and increasing hair growth on the basis of only organic ingredients. Yes, yes, I was even more shocked! Of the total composition I found only two chemical ingredients (cetearyl alcohol, stearalkonium Chloride). The rest, as you can see, are super useful oils, extracts and proteins. All this "horse" series, created for the people. The remedy had been created to repair damaged hair and restore moisture balance to deal with fragile hair, to enhance shine, to nourish, strengthen and protect hair.

"This deep conditioning treatment is a healthy hair essential. Designed to penetrate the hair shaft like you’ve never seen before. Enriched with biotin, green tea, and carrot oil this product will immediately begin to repair damage and restore dried out strands. It doesn’t take much of this concentrated conditioner to rescue and restore your mane. This product has been specially formulated to promote growth and retention, and to fight shedding and breakage, and to ultimately give you the healthy luscious hair you have always dreamed of".

On the advice of the manufacturer, I applied the mask to dry hair. Evenly distributed and "Packed" in the plastic cap. I kept this for 45-60 minutes (is necessary 45). It is also advised if you have no time - leave the mask for 15 minutes, warming a head with a hairdryer.

My impressions: I started using this mask in conjunction with the shampoo Mane 'n Tail, which is intended, among other things, to fight dandruff. Which I do not have btw. Then I decided to try the mask apart from the shampoo. That is to say, to evaluate the effect of each individually. Well, I will continue to use this mask. By the way, after this mask hair growth had increased, few time ago I've cut the tips, and now hair again returned to its length. I love the smell of this mask and the effect. My hair loves it too ;)

Price: $17.99

Info about Mane Choice product on the Official Site >>>

Shampoo and Conditioner (2 in 1) Mane 'n Tail

2 in 1 product Mane 'n Tail contains zinc, and has a therapeutic effect against dandruff. The product is enriched with herbal extracts of horsetail, chaparral, coltsfoot, horse chestnut, meadowsweet, clover, coconut oil, almond and olive oils. Contains SLS, no parabens. This is liquid shampoo with blue and white shade (because the zinc). Promises to reduce itchy of skin and to fight dandruff. For best results, it is recommended the use at least 2 times a week, or as recommended by a doctor. Nourishes and protects hair, is safe for dyed or subjected to chemical curling hair.

Ingredients: Pyrithione Zinc 1.0% Water Acrylate Copolymer Olive Oil Sodium Laureth Sulfate Cocamide MEA Preservative Cocamidopropyl Betaine Sodium Chloride Blue #1 Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Fragrance Yellow #5 Coco Glucoside

If we talk about the shampoo at all, it was originally created for the horses. So it contanes protein formulas that should restore damaged hair (even split ends), as well as protect them from adverse factors. Maybe I just was not lucky to try the option all-in-one, which gave me nothing.

My impressions: I first used the remedy in conjunction with restoring hair mask Mane Choice . And after applying I experienced a small itch on his head, which, however, has gone fast enough. But is the fact that I have no dandruff ! Therefore, I couldn't evaluate the antidandruff effect of the shampoo. Then I decided to try the shampoo and mask separately. Itching disappeared. During few month I periodically used Daily Control 2-in-1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo&Conditioner. For me is a usual product, that gives my hair no special effect. The shampoo washes hair well, makes combing easier.

Price: $4.99

Info about Mane'n'Tail product on the Official Site >>>

Summary: I recommend using Mane Choice hair mask. Daily Control 2-in-1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo&Conditioner is good as shampoo but I can't say nothing about it's antidandruff properties. Also, I will never use them simultaneously! =)

Have you ever used "horse" shampoos or other remedies? Did you like?

I wish you a wonderful day! I love you! ♥ Meow!