Hand care. 5 rules

Hi, kittens! =) Howdy? How did you spend your weekend? Today I want to tell about one of the most actual subject. Hand care is something very important to me. Because of all the parts of the body it is most often fall into a hostile environment: cleaning products, a dirt from the streets etc. The hands of all of a people, with rare exceptions, are always open. No wonder they say that you can always tell a woman's age by her hands. They don't make plastic surgery on the hands =)

My skin on the hands is though not the most gentle, but is quite sensitive, so I worked out for myself five rules that I should follow always:

1. During the cleaning or washing dishes always wear rubber gloves.

2. Drink a daily vitamins (I drink a combination of calcium + vitamin D3).

3. Exercises for the hands. For the prevention of joints' diseases that I am exposed.

4. Every day apply special creams for the hands. With the UV-filters! I love the cream by Belle Jardin with a goat's milk.

5. Make oily masks for the hands and scrubs. Once a week.

Generally, the hand care is not so complicated, the most important thing in this case is the constancy. If you carry out all the procedures chaotic and rare you will not get the good. I don't like monotony and I can be get bored with the monotony for a couple of days, so I try to combine the hand care with another activity, such as watching a movie, or doing a facial mask.

My favorite secret: to mix warm almond oil with a one drop of peppermint essential oil and apply on the hands, also you can wear gloves. Peppermint essential oil provides the blood flow to the skin, and nutrients from the almond oil (which makes the skin elastic and has a rejuvenating effect) quickly penetrates the skin. Above all, apply a little of this mix for the skin absorb it fast enough =)

Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kiss;! Meaow=*