Homemade masks for hair growth - review

Hi, kittens. Today I decided to devote a separate post to make review of the most popular home remedies for hair growth, I have tried to tell you about my experiences and results. I'll write about my favorite homemade masks for hair growth - review of the use and effects that I've got.

Homemade masks for hair growth

Mask with a burdock oil.

Perhaps one of the most effective remedies - can be used alone or mixed with other oils, or simply added to your normal hair mask for daily hair care. All nutrients significantly stimulate the activity of hair growth, and in fact, and you can expect 1-2 cm - depending of your personal characteristics. I've got 1.5 cm, but other girls get more significant effect.

Mask for hair growth with a mustard.

Mustard mechanically (irritating the skin and increasing blood flow to the hair follicles) affects the growth of hair. It all depends of how often you use the mask and your personal sensitivity. "Champions" of a patience, withstanding a long mustard marathon achieve good results - the hair grow for 3-4 cm per month, and in general they become stronger and thicker. Importantly, don't use mustard alone and mix it with oil, and add in mask vitamin solutions.

Hair mask with a red hot pepper.

Principle is the same as that in the mask with the mustard, just discomfort from the use (burning) is more accentuated, and you can get an allergic reaction. I'm lucky - I don't have allergies, so I could keep this mask on the hair for an hour, and, of course, it has helped me - though not alone, I used all these masks.

My review of all. Yes, I used all the remedies one by one, and my hair began to grow, but not as usually 1 cm per month - now my hair grow for 2-2.5 cm and such amazing masks give them good look not only in length - quality of all hair gets better. And, if you have no personal intolerance, such masks just can't do worse for your hair - all components of homemade natural masks for hair contain vitamins and nutrients that will give only the good look your hair.

Girls, I am russian, and the English is not my native language, so if you will found mistakes - feel free to show me them to correct! =)

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Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses!=* Amo e beijo!=* Meow :3