Honey facial mask for acne

Good morning, kittens! Today I finally have got the honey from the bees! ^^ Our old men brought it from the village and they spent 2 days displacing the honey in jars, and FINALLY! So today I will make my favourite remedy for my skin - honey facial mask for acne. It's like a warehouse of the vitamins for your skin. Just be careful with allergy.

Hoje vou compartilhar com vocês a receita da máscara de mel para o rosto que é o tratamento natural para espinhas. Amo e beijo.

The recipe of honey facial mask:

1 tbsp of honey

1tsp of cinnamon

Mix all and apply on the face. Wait 20 min. The mask will start to run away, so you will need the towel for keeping all the space around clean :D Usually in the end of the mask's work I make the massage for my face. It will let to keep the face skin in tonus and also will pull out all the dirt from pores. Make massage over the face's lines. From temples till cheekbones, from temples through the brow till the bridge, from temples through the cheekbones till the chin. Also you can make massage of the cheeks - clapping and pinching. The massage and also an irritation of the cinnamon will help all the vitamines and minerals (sounds like I write the commercial slogan :D) to penetrate under the skin faster and in a bigger amount.

Another minus of the mask (except its tries to run away) is that I always want to eat it :D Bcuz every morning I eat flakes with the honey and cinnamon :D So if you will add few drops of the essential oil of the tea tree to the mask, your mask will have the anti-acne effect and will help you to clean your face and get rid of the acne and postacne scars.

Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses! =* Meaow :3