How to: bleach skin?

The problem of bleaching/whitening of skin is relevant even in the summer. Oddly, not everyone wants to get a suntan in the summer. A lot of girls (for various reasons) every day wondering: how to whiten skin? how to bleach my poor skin?

The best means of my fave natural stuff (of course, in my opinion) is fruits. Fruit acids in sweet fruits don't only whiten. They also are part of many recipes for chemical peels, that beauty salons offer us. But it's not necessary to pay big money for things that are more accessible than it seems at first sight ;)

So, let's use the bleaching and whitening properties of the fruit acids, and try to make the skin pale and also freckles and age spots less visible.

Mix one crashed strawberry (you can mash with a fork) with the one tea spoon of a yogurt, add a few drops of lemon juice. Mix all and apply on your face. Leave for 30 minutes.

It's the triple effect: the fruit acids contained in the strawberry, citric and lactic acids are a fairly powerful weapon, and the effect should be noticeable after the first application. But, in general, of course, the color will depend of the frequency of the use of this mask. Just remember about the allergy and that a lot of the acid can damage the skin.

Take care of your beauty! I love you all! A lot of kisses for you! Meaow=*