How to: bleach your teeth

Today I all the day watch the ad and the blogs' posts about a teeth's whitening and I decided to make review of the most popular ways to bleach teeth. I have my own opinion about this subject but I will share it with you in the end of this lil review ;)

So, how to bleach your teeth:

1. Chemical way. First of the remedies is the activated charcoal. Crash the charcoal and mix with water until you get the consistence of the gruel. Brush your teeth with this mix and after use your toothpaste. The charcoal adsorb the bacterias and the yellow scurf from your teeth. The next way is more hard for teeth. Mix the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide with the toothpaste and brush your teeth. Actually you can use these remedies separately. Brush your teeth with the mix of the water and the baking soda or clean your teeth with the cotton-disk soaked with the hydrogen peroxide. But remember, that the baking soda is scratching your teeth, so if you will use it pretty often you will destroy the enamel very fast. As well the peroxide. They are agressive to your teeth. Be careful with this way.

2. Natural way. Strawberry and lemon are your best friends in this way. If you will eat the strawberry every day your teeth will become whiter! But remember that strawberry contains the acids that can destroy your enamel. Use your toothpaste after eating the berries. The same acids, but just lemon's will help you to get whiter teeth more faster. Put couple of drops of the lemon juice on your toothpaste and clean your teeth normally. ;) And as well lemon juice will help you make your gums more strong.

3. Safety and effective way is to go to the dentist. But, honestly, they will recommend the same chemical way to you. But all of this will be safely and really effective, with a guarantee=) What can I say? I would prefer the natural way - cuz I love all natural! And my choice is the lemon and the activated charcoal=) Just because I have a lot of lemon trees in my garden, more then the strawberry's bushes :D

Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kiss! Meaow=*