How to choose a red lipstick. 5 colorful juicy shades

Kittens, I urgently need the sun! We were covered by storms, rains, and I now do not have enough bright light, and spring colors. Therefore, my attraction to bright colors today I realize with my blog. And I found a suitable topic - red lipstick! The most that on there "must have" for any girl. So, today I share with you a video with tips how to choose a red lipstick and also the set of the most wonderful shades of red lpsticks.

To my shame, I will say that the last three years, I stoped to wear red lipstick. Probably it is my mistake, because this color on the lips, not only makes the look brighter, but also helps to cheer up! A kind of color therapy locally.

Red Lipstick. 5 colorful juicy shades

I have prepared for you a selection of five beautiful colorful juicy shades of red lipstick from five different brands. I like all shades, and most importantly, they are all in the trend. But if I had to choose one, I would probably have chosen the traditional red color, without a turning in burgundy or orange. Because not every red shade will look beautiful with my pale skin.

Video. How to choose a red lipstick

Here is for you the video by MichellePhan with tips and tricks How to make Perfect Red Lips.

Which shade do you like more? Which one red lipstick's shade do you have?

I wish you a wonderful day! I love you! ♥ Meow!