How to cure acne at home. Oil cleansing for acne

Kittens, again I want to raise the issue of acne because I still have this problem, though it comes to naught (hurrah!). Today I would like to share tips how to cure acne at home and tell you about one way, which is now being actively discussed in social networks. It's about oil cleansing for acne.

How to cure acne at home. Oil cleansing for acne

How to cure acne at home. Oil cleansing for acne

I already wrote about why oil masks (as it was not a paradox) are good for oily skin, and the oil clean the face of make-up is much better than all the lotions and tonics, water-based and / or alcohol-based. The skin produces sebum in large quantities, but when we try to remove it, using cosmetics, and skin begins to compensate it actively, leading to an increase in acne. Here are some pros of an oil cleansing for acne for daily care of the skin:

1. Oil is a natural product

2. Oil well dissolves oils (including those sebum tubes that clog pores)

3. Oil improves complexion

4. The application of oil helps to reduce the skin's own lubricant production

5. Oil well removes makeup (many famous bloggers, such Michelle Phan, actively use oil instead of liquid make-up remover)

6. Keeps the skin moisturized naturally

How to make an oil cleansing?

It's not very difficult, and if you want to get rid of the problem - I think you will find 10-15 minutes every night for this procedure. First, you need to make a face steaming. American bloggers suggest to use a towel soaked in a hot water, holding it on the face until the skin gets hot and pores open. But I think that for me is more comfort to use the steam bath, as we use in Russia. Lazy ones can just hold face over a pot with a boiling water, covering the head with a towel, but for the best effect you can add chamomile flowers to boiling water and a steam bath will be even more useful for those, who seek to cure acne on the face. Once you feel that your skin is steamed - wipe off the face with a cotton wool soaked in oil. That's it! In the morning you will see that the face looks much better. Make such treatment for the night. I use a 1:1 mixture of almond oil and avocado oil (which is close in composition to the natural sebum). I also want to bring a recommendation from a blogger Maria, who was also able to improve the condition of the skin due to oil cleansing method. I quote:


For those with normal skin use a 1:1ratio of Castor Oil(cold-pressed) and EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

For those with acne-prone or oily skin use a 3:1 ratio of Castor Oil (cold pressed)and EVOO. (This is what I’ve been using)

For those with drier skin start off with a 1:3 ratio of Castor Oil (cold-pressed) and EVOO

By the way, I recommend you to read all the publication of Maria about oil cleaning for acne, because she did it under the supervision of a Doctor-naturopath, and she expresses her full enthusiasm for such a simple solution of the problem of how to cure acne at home

I also have a story to tell about how to cure acne at home, but I want to make a separate publication with an overview of all the remedies that helped me to improve the skin condition. By the way, these remedies are also included oil cleaning for acne. ;)

If you have questions - ask, I'd be happy to answer you =) ♥