How to do makeup for brown eyes

Hi, my sweet kittens! Today my post is about how to do makeup for brown eyes. Is a very popular subject and I decided to share with you the most (in my opinion) interesting, stylish and easy makeups for brown and hazel eyes to inspirate you ;)

How to do makeup for brown eyes

Makeup for Dark Brown Eyes. Is a very light makeup for every day, made in pink, peach and brown colors with a shimmer effect. This makeup will make your eyes more expressive and accentuate their natural depth - all thanks to the accentuated with a dark-brown shades external corners of eyes and the highlited middle of the upper eyelid. Another trick - to use black eyeshadows on the water line of the upper eyelid -it makes eyelashes visually thicker, and the look - deeper and more mysterious.

Nicole Scherzinger makeup for hazel and brown eyes, which is perfect for owners of light brown and hazel-green eyes. Makeup is executing in dark-gray and brown tones with smoky effect. Highlight the line of the upper and lower eyelids with the dark shadows, and then blend it. Accentuate the water line of the lower eyelid with a black eye-pencil. Take care of eyebrows. Usually owners of a hazel eyes have a dark eyebrows, so it's important to do the right eyebrow correction, and then draw the brows' shape with a pencil, with strokes and blend it with a brush to make it natural. Tip: If the make-up involves an abundance of eyeshadows - especially dark ones, apply a concealer under the eye AFTER the eye makeup. It will be easier to remove the shadows that fell away.

Golden Brown Eye Wearable/Holiday Makeup. In this makeup a special attention should be paid to the eyeliner - apply it very carefully and correctly - and false eyelashes. Makeup must be with a shimmer effect to accentuate a holiday look. This makeup is easy enough and suitable for experienced makeup artists, and for the girls, who are just entering in adulthood.

What colors of eyeshadows do you prefer to use for brown eyes?

Girls, I am russian, and the English is not my native language, so if you will found mistakes - feel free to show me them to correct! =)

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