How to do Marilyn Monroe makeup - tutorials and tips

Kittens, in today's makeup-post I will tell you how to do makeup Marilyn Monroe, or simply to create a look in a similar style. I will give a few tips as well as share video tutorials that will help you choose the right products for making the look, and use the correct makeup-technique.

Marilyn Monroe makeup - tutorials and tips

Marilyn Monroe makeup

During the life of the famous actress a huge selection of makeup products did not exist and makeup-techniques were very, very simple. Therefore, the most famous Marilyn Monroe makeup is a winged eyeliner, curled eyelashes and luscious shades of lipstick.

How to do Marilyn Monroe makeup?

1. If you have any doubts about the correctness of the choice of products to recreate Marilyn Monroe's makeup, you can use the products of the collections that have been created in the honour of actress such as Marilyn Monroe Makeup Collection by MAC.

2. Create an even skin tone. In those days contouring was not a popular technique, so Merilyn's makeup was always based on even tone with light shades. Yes, tanned skin also was not very popular in that time.

3. If you don't want to do just makeup, but you want to copy the entire look of the actress, be sure to use the modern techniques of makeup like contouring and highlighting. Using a bronzer (without any shimmer and reddishnesses in the shade) and highlighter, sculpture the shape of the nose and cheeks, highlight the chin and the forehead. Don't forget to correct your eyebrows.

4. Apply eyeliner on the lids. The line should be thick enough and walk along the edge of the lash to the outer corner of the eye going up toward the brow, and gradually thinning. This way of drawing the wings makes the look "smiling".

How to do Marilyn Monroe makeup

5. Curl eyelashes and apply lengthening mascara, giving preference to the lashes on the outer corner of the eye. You can also use false eyelashes by gluing several bundles on the outer corner of the eyelid.

6. Be sure to draw a contour of the lips and correct it with a pencil for the lips. To correct the shape you can also use concealer, to lighten the "extra" millimeters. Fill in the lips with a pencil in full (for brighter color and long lasting effect ), and then apply a lipstick. Lipstick should be in bright red or pink (fuchsia) colors. If you desire, use a lip gloss, having put it on the center.

7. To complete the look, you can draw a beauty spot above the lip, using a dark brown eyebrow- or eye-pencil.

Video: Marilyn Monroe - Iconic Make-up Look

Video-tutorial from the famous makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. You must see this video! It will help you create the perfect Marilyn Monroe makeup.


Another one amazing video-tuto how to make Marilyn Monroe's makeup by pixiwoo. I love this video and these sisters-bloggers, they are awesome MUAs!

Do you like Marilyn Monroe? Do you want to repeat her look?

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