How to do right makeup. Tips and tutorials

Hi, my little beautiful kittens! This post is about how to do right makeup, and I will give you some advises and rules and also I will share a couple good and useful video-tutorials=) Stay with me ;)

How to do right makeup

Great tips on the correct application of the makeup are submitted by star makeup artist Daniel Sandler, who called all of the products and the sequence of their use, noting most of his fave that he uses personally.

Any make-up starts with a primer - the base, which will make makeup sustainable and tonal foundation will go better. Next comes the turn of a tonal foundation, as well as concealers and correctors (correctors have different colors, depending on the color of a problem - green to red zones, yellow to correct blue circles under the eyes), concealers are more dense in a texture, which can mask even very bright imperfections and smooth a skin tone. They usually use concealers lighter skin tone, to make the face look fresh. Then comes the time of powder - it can be transparent and in the tone of the skin. Powder helps to consolidate the effect. Daniel, as we can see in the video, applies a powder with his hands, but you can apply it with the usual tools - brush or puff. These are the basic rules for applying foundation.

The second video gives the same advices for applying the base, as well as tips for applying a normal makeup - drawing eyebrows, using a pensil for eyelids, applying a mascara and a blush. Apply a pencil on the eyebrow with small strokes, repeating the shape of eyebrows, then blend it with a brush. The eye pencil is applying on the edge of the lashline, filling a space between lashes, and then it's blending a little bit with a brush. Mascara is applying from the roots to the tips of lashes with undulating movements to cover all the lashes evenly, and to devide them. The blush is applying depending of your face shape on the cheeks and the other convex places. You can use a bronzer instead of the blush - one that meets your skin tone. Also you can use a highlighter to highlight cheekbones. But, as a bronzer - highlighter is a part of the products for a sculpting the face, and its use is not necessary, especially if the makeup is natural. In the end - work with the lips. For a simple makeup you need a normal lip gloss, it is simply applying across the surface of the lips.

A special makeup tips for each type of makeup you can find separately=)

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