How to: get healthy hair fast

Hello, my lovely kittens ;) How is your weekend? I hope you will spend a few of hours caring for your beauty and cleaning feathers =) I like to do it at the weekend! I give my hair special attention because my dream how to get healthy hair fast is constantly in progress :D

get healthy hair fast

During all my life my hair had suffered much: crazy haircuts, changes color, etc. But the most cruel was to make bleaching of hair. Manic desire to have white hair (my natural color is slavic blond) played with my hair a cruel joke. And then the last six months I restore damaged, and strengthen the already regrown hair. I'll share with you what helps me in this. Perhaps some tips may seem unacceptable for you, but it is something that really helps. And not only me, because some of the ways I "filched" from the secrets of professional models. ;) I'm not from the richest family, so I can't pay a lot of money for the salon's recovery, so I resort to such simple remedies.

get healthy hair fast

What helps me to restore my hair:

1. I wash my hair 2 times a week, first time with my own shampoo with a low content of soap and with aloe vera gel - it doesn't foam, but it washes away dirt and deeply moisturizes the hair, the second time with usual shampoo. Daily cleaning is not acceptable to me for many reasons: it kills a natural defense, and washes away the oily covering (in which all of my eaten vitamins are accumulated :D). Also wet hair is easy to tear, and we lose a lot of hairs during washing. And also I am not satisfied with the usual composition of shampoos. There's more harm than good, and I am a crazy naturalist =)))

2. I had a period (I honestly confess :D) when I almost wasn't combing my hair if I was home. Now my hair has grown again, and now thanks to strong roots, I'm not afraid of losing hair. But until then I enjoyed the advice of the one of the models to do not disturb the hair. And, I must say, my hair became thicker than they were =) That's an extra method of "saving" the lives of many hairs :D Now I comb the hair starting from the ends. Then I comb from roots to the ends to distribute the natural skin's oil. The result of these (not the most popular among fans of the daily washing) remedies is: I lose less hair, the hairs are shiny and strong.

3. I always make a braid for the night, because my hair easy mix up while I sleep. Therefore, I don't have problems with the combing =)

4. Drying and styling. Hair dryer, curling irons are left by me and cry already, probably :D

5. Regular masks with a honey and an apple cider vinegar (I shared recipes already) - for the shine and a small natural lighting, and wraps with almond oil to recover ends.

The rules are simple, but not all people accepts this attitude to the periodicity of washing and combing. But my advice to you: if you have a day off and you don't need to go out then let the hair rest! Give less stress for them and they will look much better =) I'm happy with the results of the reconstruction process of my hair, and I'm going to keep moving in the same way, that finally get healthy, strong and, most importantly, the long hair =)

Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kiss! Meaow=*