How to get smooth shiny hair? Check out your fridge!

Hi, kittens! I am pretty sure, that each girl dreams about how to get smooth shiny hair, because the condition of our hair is the mirror of the woman's beauty and health. But sometimes our normal remedies don't help us to get the result. So, we all have one unique remedy for the smooth and shiny hair, which one we all can find out in own fridge ;) It's name is a mayonnaise! ;)

Hoje, vou escrever como obter os cabelos com mais brilho. O maionese simples vai ajuda-la ;) Usa-lo para o cabelo seco e aguarda 30 min com esta máscara. Os vossos cabelos vão estar mais brilhante!

How to get smooth shiny hair? Use a mayo!

Just heat up a few tbsps of a mayo and apply it on your dry hair. Wait 30 min. Wash it away and use your normal shampoo. Do you know, that the egg's yolk, vegetable oils, a mustard, the lemon juice that a mayo contains are the best home remedies for the dull and weak hair? They will nourish your hair and scalp, and a lot of the vitamins, nutrients and other goodies will penetrate in each of your hair and make them stronger. Instead to waste a lot of time for mixing mask, you can always use a mayo. It's the best and fastest mask if you want to get smooth shiny hair ;)

Vocês já usaram alguma coisa para os cabelos com mais brilho? Escreva-me sobre o efeito! Vou aguardar pelos vossos comments!

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Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses!=* Amo e beijo!=* Meow :3