How to: Mask for making breast tighter

Good day my dears! Today I want to share with you a recipe that is good as for girls who are wondering how to make breast tighter and have a problem with the elasticity of the skin on the breast and as for girls who want to do preventive procedures. I am the owner of a small size and this mask was not required for me, but after my rapid weight loss (as we know a part of the breast is consist of a fat) I needed to help my skin reduce the size and don't become "the spaniel's ears" in the future. :D So, I used natural ingredients that have proven themselves in the facial masks. But we remember that the breast's skin is more tender so it's not necessary to use aggressive components. Let's start to make our breast's mask. This mask also has a slight bleaching effect. But don't worry, your summer tan will be not defaced.

We need:

2 tbsp. of bio-yogurt

1 tbsp. almond bran or oatmeal bran. If almond is expensive for then you try the oatmeal. It's also good.

Mix the ingredients and apply mask on your skin. Wait 15 minutes. If pieces of mask will fall off then keep some old towel near for clean them off. But it's better don't run around the house at the time of using mask. Sit back and relax. Or, for example, make a foot bath. In the summer it's especially important to take care of feet's skin =) I'll write about how I take care of my feet, cuz my heels are like a baby's. =)

Take care of your beauty! Many kisses to you, my dear! Meaow=*