How to: Rescuer for the hair

In the summer the sun influences on your hair with ultraviolet and heat. But if you have vacations, and you spend your time on the beach then your hair also is under the influence of salt water too. After the vacations your hair will need reanimation.

The "reanimator" contains: honey giving shine and olive oil for hydration and nutrition, as well as rosemary essential oil which stimulates a hair growth.


½ cup of honey

½ cup of warm olive oil (2 tbsp. for hair prone to fat),

4 drops of rosemary essential oil.


Mix all the ingredients well and apply on your hair and scalp. Wear waterproof hat, wear the hot wet towel over, and then wear another dry towel.

After 30 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo and admire the sparkling revive hair.

Take care of your beauty! Many kisses to you! Meaow=*