Jeez! Skin peels after sunburn! What to do?

Hello, kittens! Today I want to talk a bit about the skincare, after you've burned the skin under the sun. When you've burned skin you feel pain and normally you don't worry about what will happen after, but just after the burn will end the most "interesting" will begin. You will wake up in the morning, will look in the mirror and what you will see? The skin peels after sunburn! None of cosmetics will help (even will do worse). And you need to go out. What to do? Just a catastrophe! But don't worry, I'll tell you what to do right now ;)

Hoje vou escrever o que fazer quando a pele descasca depois de tomar muito sol. Os conselhos e as receitas. Amo e beijo.

When you get a burn, just be prepared for the fact that the skin will begin to peel away. So you need to take care of it triple more, using moisturizing creams and lotions based on aloe vera to help the skin recover faster. Dead cells, alas, will not survive, but it will help to shorten healing "survivors."

You will help the skin recover from the failure of the suntan more if you will help from the "inside", adding to your diet more foods containing vitamin A (carrots, spinach, liver, apricots), E (nuts, vegetable oils, avocados) and B (fish, seafood, cereals). The water is also the one of the rescuers and reducing the skin after a sunburn. Drink more water, and you will help the new skin cells grow faster.

Well, when you will see that the skin peels away,it's necessary to resort to remedies for the removal of dead cells. Usual scrub will help you. But, of course, scrub should be soft for not to injure the skin-"victim". I advise you to make simple scrub: 1 tbsp of a sugar and 1 tbsp of an oil (olive or almond). Sugar's grains have soft edges, and the oil makes them more rounded, so the influence of the particles will be more delicate. And the oil itself is a great help in restoring the skin. It gives the nutrition to the skin, as well as it has the effect of a solvent, the oil will help get rid of the "patches" on the face and the body.

Well, of course, the most important thing - the skin peels after sunburn not without a reason ... This means that you didn't protect it from the sun. In the sun you can get the sunburn very easily, especially on the beach, when you don't feel the heat of the sun because of the fresh breeze. Therefore, I beg you, my dear, don't neglect the sunscreens! You have to be the most beautiful!

Take care of your beauty! Love&kiss! =* Meaow :3