Makeup for red hair. Go redheads!

Hi, my dear kittens! Today I dedicate my post to one of my favorite shades of hair, and I have prepared for you a selection of video-tutorials of makeup for red hair. Yes, I have paid attention to the different shades of red hair, so that each "fox" can find something for herself =) And maybe it will inspire you to refresh hair color and be a little fox. It's the very autumn hair color!

Makeup for red hair. Go redheads!

Makeup for red hair with olive/gold eyeshadows. It's very beautiful and it gives harmonious contrast with the copper shade of hair.

Makeup for green eyes/red hair. This makeup is made in a mixture of pink and copper eye shadows, which accentuate the natural shade of golden hair and eyes. You can use any technic of makeup - most importantly to take this tutorial as an inspiration =)

Makeup for Redheads/ Fall Makeup. Makeup is pretty easy and executes in metallic shades of green color with a small gold accent. These shades ideally accentuate bright color of hair.

Girls, I am russian, and the English is not my native language, so if you will found mistakes - feel free to show me them to correct! =)

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Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses!=* Amo e beijo!=* Meow :3