Masks for repairing split ends. Damaged hair tips

Hi, my lovely kittens! Today I offer you a couple of recipes that will help you take care of your hair in addition to your daily haircare. Masks for repairing split ends with damaged hair tips will help you to significantly reduce the number of split ends, and generally to improve the appearance of the hair =) I hope you will try out the remedies ;)

Masks for repairing split ends. Damaged hair tips

Masks for repairing split ends and damaged hair tips

Mask #1 "Oil and egg yolk"

0.5 cups of warm olive oil

1 egg yolk

2-3 tbsp of thick yogurt

Application: Mix ingredients and apply on the dry hair. Wrap the head with a plastic wrap and a towel, keep the mask for 1 hour. Then rinse, first with a cold water, and then with a warm water with your favorite shampoo. You enhance the action of the mask, if you will add the 10 drops of rosemary essential oil. If you have any, and if it desired, of course.

Mask # 2 "Milk and Honey"

0.5 cups of milk

5 tbsp. of honey

3 tbsp. of oatmeal (the mask will be thicker)

Application: Dissolve the honey in the heated milk and add oatmeal into the mixture. Apply the mask on the hair, and, wraping with a plastic wrap and a towel, also keep for one hour. You can optionally add in this mask the vanilla essential oil - a few drops. Unearthly pleasure + chic effect will be provided =)

Girls, I am russian, and the English is not my native language, so if you will found mistakes - feel free to show me them to correct! =)

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Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses!=* Amo e beijo!=* Meow :3