Matte Lipstick Makeup Looks from Instagram I Loved

Each my post begins with "I'm in love with..."

But what can I do, if I am literally in love with everything I share with you? :D What would be a point to share something that I am not so crazy about?

Today my "in-love" post is about matte lipstick. I wore such a lip color by myself today and thought that I should take a look how other girls rock that texture.

Matte Lipstick Makeup Looks from Instagram I Loved

Matte Lipstick Makeup Looks I Loved

Of course, I've spent a half of my day on Instagram! Who's that hero who can just close the app after 5 minutes of scrolling?

Insert "One does not simply" meme.

So, now I am going to share with you the best matte lipstick makeups, I have found. I love absolutely all shades, but my favourite is a lilac-gray. As you remember, according to the Trendy Colors Spring Summer 2016 report, that tone will be the trendiest!

Which look do you like more? Do you actually like matte lipsticks, at all?

P.S. My today's look. My matte lipstick of Burberry doesn't look so matte. I guess, I should use less lip balm!