Milk in hair: amazing hair care recipe

Kittens, today I am sharing a recipe for beauty, which will help you to care of your hair. I like to add to a regular hair care various natural remedies - it affects hair favorably. Milk in hair - this is one of the options to please the hair with nutrients to make them look and "feel" better.

Milk in hair: amazing hair care recipe

Milk in hair: amazing hair care recipe

0.5 cup milk (preferably fat)

1 tbsp of honey

1-2 tbsp of almond oil

1 tbsp of coconut oil

2-3 tbsp of oatmeal

Application: Mix and shake ingredients in a blender (coconut oil can be pre-melt for convenience). Mask should get a creamy mixture, but you can make it thicker, adding a spoonful or two of the oatmeal, if you prefer. Apply the mixture to the hair from roots. You can do a little head massage, then cover your hair with plastic wrap and a towel. Rinse the mask one hour later with a warm water and then wash the hair with a small amount of shampoo. This mask is not treatment, so it can be used according the mood, when you want to pamper your hair.

Do you like to use milk in your masks?=) I wish you a good day, lovelies! ♥ Meow!