MissAsh. The rising star of Youtube

I need to say, I watch videos of beauty bloggers not so often, because most of them are boring and too much talkative. My friend Olga loves to watch these "boring" video before going to sleep. She says the monotony of these videos lulls. But there is the one of my subscriptions on Youtube that I want to talk about. Going beyond my usual idea about ​​youtubers and their creations, this girl rightfully earned her title the Rising Star of Youtube.

She inspires me. Even in the bleak days when nothing comes to mind I watch her videos and the inspiration covers me like a wave. She is the possessor of the gift to light a fire of a smile in people. Today, my article is devoted to my favorite beauty-guru Youtube MissAsh.

I admire the talent of Anna (it's the name of the talented artist, photographer, model and beauty-guru MissAsh, russian girl living in New Zeland). She skillfully creates the real movie from the each her tutorial, with its own story, and I am not afraid of comparison: with the development of the action, and the final denouement. A full set of the drama. For me, as the journalist with a degree in cinema's and television's direction, is a double pleasure to watch, how bloggers that are really talented, sincere and inspiring with their energy become popular=) It is especially nice when they become the pride of Russia.

As I mentioned Ann is not only the make-up artist but also the model, and I admire her talent of transformations . Today she is a bright blonde, and the next day is a fatal brunette. MissAsh plays with each of her make-up amazing, she conveys to us not only the palette of tones of the make-up, but the nature of the character whether it is the image of the doll, or of a famous actress. And this is also part of her great dramatic idea ;)

She looks amazing as with the blond hair as well with the dark one!

We met with Anna in the one woman's community in the russian social network VK.com. And I am very pleased with this meeting, because in addition to amazing artistic talent Annie has an amazing gift of attracting people. Her friendliness, openness and goodwill open the hearts of new fans like keys.

I wish to Annie continue to delight us with her creations, her inexhaustible energy, and a wide radiant smile! Thank you for your work for us all! Good luck, be happy and get the plenty of loyal fans! Love&kiss = *

And in the end enjoy her video and subscribe! ;) She speaks russiand but she made this one video in English.